Software version or newer is required.

To monitor IPv4 Routing information:

  1. Go to Manage > Devices and select a device.
  2. From the Device Details page, select Monitor > Monitoring > Routing.


    You can refresh the IPv4 Routing table by selecting next to the Last Polled time.
The following information is available from the Route Monitor Polling Graph:
  • A time range showing total number of routes within a 24 hour time period.
  • Route type counts:
    • Direct Routes
    • Static Routes
    • OSPF Routes
    • Total Routes
  • The Y axis resizes based on chosen routes.
  • The Y axis represents the total number of routes.
  • The X axis represents the poll time interval
  • Hovering over the graph displays a summary of routes with the given timestamp.


Select the graph heading to enable or disable the graph line view.
The following information is available from the IPv4 Routing table:
  • Destination Subnetwork
  • Next Hop
  • VLAN Name
  • Route Origin
  • Status
  • Metric
  • Route Age
  • Route Type Priority
  • Routing Instance
You can filter for the Route Origin and Status.


Up to 100 IPv4 Routes are visible within the table. For additional visibility use an SSH proxy.