Configure Policy Settings

The following configuration settings are the only settings applicable to switches. All other settings displayed in this section are applicable to wireless products only. Choose which default routing instance will be used for NTP, DNS, Syslog and SNMP.

  • DNS Server
  • NTP Server
  • SNMP Server
  • Syslog Server Settings
  1. Navigate to Configure > Network Policies.
  2. Select the existing network policy and Edit.
  3. Configure a DNS Server.
  4. Configure an NTP Server.
  5. Configure an SNMP Server.
  6. Configure a Syslog Server.
  7. Configure Device Credentials
  8. Configure LLDP and CDP Settings.


    To configure LLDP port configurations on SR22XX, 23XX, VOSS, and EXOS devices, go to the device template or device configuration page. Configuring LLDP from this page can affect APs, XR, and 20XX/21XX switches, along with certain EXOS, VOSS, SR22XX, and 23XX Global LLDP parameters.
  9. Select Save.