Configure Ports Individually

Create or modify a Switch Template, then select the Port Configuration tab.

Use this task to create an individual port from an existing default port type.

  1. Select a Port Type from the dropdown menu.
    • Auto-sense (Fabric Engine devices only): Detects connected device types and then automatically configures specific port settings. Certain port settings are not configurable when Auto-sense is enabled.
    • Access Port: Ports connected to individual hosts such as printers, servers, and end-user computers.
    • Disabled Port (N/A)
    • Onboarding Port (N/A)
    • Trunk Port Ports connected to network forwarding devices that support multiple VLANs on trunk ports.
  2. Follow the configuration steps in Configure Ports in Bulk.


    You can only aggregate ports when you configure in bulk.
  3. After you save the new port, it displays in the table.
  4. Select the edit icon to make changes.
  5. Remember to save your changes.