DHCP Snooping Configuration

Enable DHCP Snooping from the Common Settings of a Network Policy. Go to Configure > Network Policies, select a policy or add a policy, select Switching > Common Settings

ExtremeXOS/Switch Engine
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DHCP Snooping Network Policy

When enabled, ExtremeCloud IQ pushes the DHCP Snooping configuration for all VLANs configured from within ExtremeCloud IQ.



Trunk ports are configured as trusted by default.

Enable all ports (including trunk ports) for the DHCP Snooping configuration, and the violation action to drop packets enabled.

VLAN Attributes Configuration

Common Settings can be overridden by configuring VLAN specific attributes.
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DHCP Snooping VLAN Attributes

Custom Port Types DHCP Snooping Action

By default, all trunk ports on VLANs are trusted, you can override the trusted setting by defining a custom port type and associating the port with device in the template or the device monitoring page.
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Port / VLAN Configuration

Device Level Override

The device monitoring page override options take precedence over policy, common settings and VLAN attribute configurations. To enable DHCP Snooping on the device level, select the DHCP Snooping button and toggle the feature enabled within the Port/VLAN Configuration page of the Device Configuration menu.
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Device Monitoring Override