Configure VLAN Settings

Use these steps to configure VLAN settings on the Port Configuration page.

  1. Select the add icon.
  2. Enter the name of the new VLAN.
  3. Enter the VLAN ID for this VLAN.

    Typically, the default VLAN ID is 1.



    You can also create a VLAN ID with a value of none. None clears the native VLAN from a port. (Switch Engine device only)
  4. Enable DHCP Trusted Port.
  5. Select Apply VLAN to devices for classification to create VLANs that you can apply to specific devices based on their location.
  6. Select the plus sign.
  7. Enter the new VLAN ID.
  8. Select Add to add the ID to the VLAN table.
  9. Under Classification Rules in the VLAN table, select an existing classification rule, or select the add icon to add a new rule.
    See Configure a Classification Rule for more information.
  10. Select Link.
  11. Enter a name for the classification rule.

    For easier tracking, you might want to add the locations and device models using this VLAN classification rule (for example, VLAN-AP230-Sunnyvale).

  12. Enter an optional description.
  13. Select the plus sign to choose the device location.
  14. Assign your VLAN profile based on the location of managed devices.


    When selecting a location, drill down to the level where the devices are located. For example, if the devices are located on the floor of a building, select that specific floor.
  15. Choose Select.
  16. Select Save VLAN.