Resolving Configuration Discrepancies in ExtremeCloud IQ

This section outlines how to correct out-of-sync configurations in ExtremeCloud IQ when configuration parameters on a managed switch have been changed outside the ExtremeCloud IQ user interface. These changes may occur during initial onboarding, troubleshooting, or when an admin is unaware that the switch is cloud-managed. Out-of-sync configurations can cause device updates to fail.



To ensure smooth and consistent network operations, it is crucial to resolve these scenarios.

Out-of-sync configurations occur when modifying configuration parameters directly on the managed switch through the console, SSH proxy, or other remote sessions. Additionally, supplemental CLI managed outside of the ExtremeCloud IQ user interface also affects the configuration synchronization. Dynamic configuration changes of VLANs and or LAGs through other protocols can further affect the consolidation and synchronization of configurations.

Use the following procedure to correct out-of-sync configurations in ExtremeCloud IQ and maintain a consistent and accurate configuration across managed switches.

Accessing Configuration Status in the ExtremeCloud IQ user interface

  1. Log in to ExtremeCloud IQ using appropriate credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Devices section and select the affected switch from the list of managed devices.
  3. Check the Updated column

    If a device fails to update, the Updated column displays the Device Update Failed status.

Reviewing Configuration Discrepancies

  1. Select the Device Update Failed notification to open the Configuration Events page.

    Alternately, you can view device configuration events on the Device > Monitor > Monitoring > Events > Configuration Events page.

    ExtremeCloud IQ displays the specific configuration elements that are out-of-sync between ExtremeCloud IQ and the running configuration on the switch.

Understanding Available Options

  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • Override configuration from ExtremeCloud IQ: With this option, the configuration changes made in ExtremeCloud IQ are pushed to the switch, overwriting any discrepancies in the running configuration. The switch configuration aligns with the ExtremeCloud IQ-defined configuration. Click on the Update button in the Device Details page or select the device and click Update Device.

    • Match configuration in ExtremeCloud IQ: With this option, using the CLI, you match the configuration flagged as out of sync with ExtremeCloud IQ, in the assigned switch template or device level configuration.

    • Clear the Audit Mismatch by selecting the device on the Manage Devices page, and then choosing Actions > Clear Audit Mismatch: With this option, no configuration changes are pushed to the switch. This option maintains the current configuration on the switch without affecting the ExtremeCloud IQ configuration.

Initiating Configuration Sync

  1. Resolve interdependent conflicts manually before proceeding with a configuration update.
  2. After you have selected the appropriate option for each configuration element, initiate the configuration synchronization from ExtremeCloud IQ.

    ExtremeCloud IQ pushes the selected changes to the switch, ensuring that the configurations are aligned.