Deploy a Network Policy

Create a complete network policy configuration.

When you create a new network policy or make changes to an existing policy, the final step is to push the policy to the devices that will operate under the policy. ExtremeCloud IQ pushes all configuration uploads as complete uploads. This requires devices to reboot and activate the new configurations.

  1. Navigate Configure > Network Policies.
  2. Select a policy that is ready to deploy.
  3. Select the Deploy Policy tab.
  4. To upload a network policy to all of the devices in the devices list, select the check box in the top left side of the table header.
    This automatically selects the check boxes for all of the devices.
  5. Select Upload.
  6. To upload your network policy to specific devices only, select the check box for those devices, and then select Upload.
    You can filter the devices displayed with the Assigned, Eligible and Filtered options.
  7. In the Device Update window, select the type of update (Delta or Complete), whether to update IQ Engine and Extreme Networks switch images, and the activation times for the updated devices.
  8. You can optionally select Reboot and revert Extreme Networks switch configuration if IQAgent is unresponsive after configuration update under Update Network Policy and Configuration.
    Select this option to revert the switch configuration if the device update causes a disconnect between the switch and ExtremeCloud IQ. The switch reboots and reverts to its previous configuration, which enables you to correct any configuration issues and perform a new device update.
  9. Select Perform Update.