Example Deployment Scenario: Optimizing Network for an Office

In an office with diverse network needs, an IT administrator utilizes Instant Port Profiles to automate and optimize network configuration based on the types of devices connected to switch ports.

IPP offers the following advantages:

  • Automatically assigns VLANs and applies appropriate settings to switch ports based on connected devices
  • Ensure secure and efficient network operation

In this scenario, we define three different device types: Employees, Guests, and Printers. Each device type has specific matching criteria. We will configure VLAN assignments based on these criteria.

Next, configure Instant Port Profiles:

Then configure device types:

Assign the created Instant Port Profile to switch ports within a template or device-level port configuration override settings.

Optionally, you can override the Instant Port Profile assignment and port enable or disable settings within device-level configuration.

In this scenario, when a device connects to a switch port, IPP will analyze its characteristics: