Device Management Servers

The Device Management Servers page does not appear until you apply a network policy to the device.

Use this task to override a network policy and make device-level changes to management server settings for a device. The changes affect only the specific device, not all devices associated with the network policy. You must Unlock before you can configure and save a device level management server configuration. You can use Revert to restore the network policy configuration overwrite any changes made at the device level.



DNS Server, NTP Server, SNMP Server, and Syslog Server configurations can be managed at the device level for EXOS and Switch Engine devices after unlock. Not all management server tabs are available for all device types.

For stacks, the unlock and revert action applies to all units/slots within the page. This enables the full stack to revert to the currently assigned network policy. Also, the Device Management Servers is not available until you apply the network policy to both single switches and stacks.

  1. Select Manage > Devices.
  2. Select the HOST NAME of the device you want to manage.
  3. Select Configure > Device Management Servers.
  4. Select Unlock from the top banner.
    Changes saved after you unlock the device override the associated network policy.
  5. Select each server tab to make any necessary changes to the server settings, then select SAVE CONFIGURATION.
    The changes only apply at the device level. See Configure Management Server Settings in the ExtremeCloud IQ Universal Switch Deployment Guide for more information about management server configuration.