Configure Supplemental CLI

To use the supplemental CLI tool, first navigate to Global Settings > VIQ Management, and enable Supplemental CLI.

Use this task to update CLI commands to multiple devices simultaneously from ExtremeCloud IQ. You can save Supplemental CLI objects containing CLI commands, and the commands can then be automatically updated for devices each time you update the network policy. If a supplemental CLI is appended to a delta configuration and the supplemental CLI portion fails device update, only the supplemental CLI will be regenerated for subsequent device updates.


  • Limit CLI commands to configuration commands. Exclude Show or other commands used to display information.
  • Do not use Supplemental CLI commands to configure any settings set via the ExtremeCloud IQ GUI as that creates a configuration sync conflict that will result in future Device Update Failed errors.
  • These commands work as a delta mechanism. Every new Supplemental CLI update must only include new commands that you want to run, not ALL commands that you want to have present on the switch at startup. Re-running some commands after already applied can cause future Device Update Failed errors.
  1. Toggle Supplemental CLI On.
  2. Select existing supplemental CLI objects using the drop-down list next to Re-use Supplemental CLI Settings.
  3. To add a new supplemental CLI object:
    1. Enter a name.
    2. Enter an optional description.
    3. Enter the CLI commands.
      • Enter multiple CLI commands, one command per line.
      • Use CLI Commands that contain IP and VLAN objects: ${ip:ip_object_name} and ${vlan:vlan_object_name}.
  4. Select Save and perform a complete configuration update each time you append commands to device configurations.