Instantly Create a Switch Engine Device Stack

To instantly create a stack, onboard the switches into ExtremeCloud IQ using the ExtremeCloud IQ mobile app. Unbox the switches, connect the stacking/power/uplink cables, and push the Mode button until the STK LED lights up. Hold down the Mode button for at least 5 seconds, until all the front-panel port LEDs flash. The stack forms automatically, all the slots reboot, and ExtremeCloud IQ detects the newly formed stack.


In Switch Engine or EXOS, if you are replacing a failed stack member with the same model switch, the replacement slot is handled with the Replace Stack Members action. On X440-G2 /5320/5420/5520 stacks, select the stack, and select the Replace Stack Members action within Utilities. Select the member, enter the serial number, and select Replace.

Use this task to instantly configure a Switch Engine stack in ExtremeCloud IQ.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  2. Find the new stack in the Devices List and select its checkbox.
  3. In the Template column, select Assign/Create Template.
  4. Select the Create template based on currently selected device.
  5. Select an existing stack template from the dropdown.
  6. Select Assign.

The assigned template now displays in the Policy column. To make any changes to the individual devices in the stack at the device level, see Configure Device-Specific Settings.