Device Details for Interfaces

When you select the host name of an AP from the Devices list and then select Monitor > Monitoring > Interfaces, the following information is displayed (APs only):
  • At the top of the main section, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, MAC Table Utilization, Last Seen time, Temperature, Power Supply Status, Fan Status, IP Address, MAC Address, Software Version, Device Model, Serial Number, Make, and IQAgent Version are all listed.
  • The graphic below shows all of the ports on the device. Selecting a port displays more information.
  • Within the VLAN tab are the VLAN Name, VLAN ID, Active Ports (Enabled port with VLAN assigned), STP Instance, IGMP Snooping, and DHCP Snooping information columns. Selecting a VLAN within the VLAN tab highlights the ports that are currently assigned.
  • Within the IPv4 tab the VLAN Name, VLAN ID, IPv4 Forwarding, Routing Instance, and IP Address / Subnet information columns are displayed. The VLAN can be selected when the row is highlighted. Ports using the VLAN, both tagged and untagged that are actively provisioned, light up to indicate ports using the VLAN. Select a port to display the port name, port status, VLAN untagged/tagged status, and port actions.