Configuring e-mail alerts

Use the system-monitor-mail fru command to configure e-mail threshold alerts for FRU and optic monitoring. For an e-mail alert to function correctly, you must add the IP addresses and host names to the domain name server (DNS) in addition to configuring the domain name and name servers. For complete information on the system-monitor-mail relay host command, refer to the Extreme SLX-OS Command Reference Guide.

  1. Issue the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
  2. Enter the following command to enable e-mail alerts and to configure the e-mail address.
    device(config)# system-monitor-mail fru enable email-id

Sendmail agent configuration

The sendmail agent must have one of the following configuration to resolve the domain-name.
  • Configure DNS settings to connect device to DNS server.
  • In case if DNS server is not available, DNS configuration along with relay host configuration is required for the sendmail agent on the device to resolve the domain-name. E-mail can be forwarded through the relay host. For example:
    device(config)# ip dns domain-name
    device(config)# ip dns name-server
    device(config)# ip dns name-server
The following system-monitor-mail relay host commands allow the sendmail agent on the device to resolve the domain name and forward all e-mail messages to a relay server.
  • To create a mapping:
  • To delete the mapping:
  • To change the domain name:


    You must delete the first domain name before you can change it to a new domain name.
  • To delete the domain name and return to the default: