Enabling and customizing sFlow on specific interfaces

Perform the following steps in privileged EXEC mode to enable and customize sFlow on an interface. This task assumes that sFlow has already been enabled at the global level.

In general, packets are typically sampled according to the configured rate. To prevent synchronization with any periodic patterns in the traffic, the sampling process has a random element to it. With higher sampling numbers, the actual sampled packet rate is approximately equal to the configured rate.

  1. Enter the interface command.
  2. Use the sflow enable command to enable sFlow on the interface.
  3. Configure the sFlow polling interval.
  4. Set the sFlow sample-rate.
  5. (Optional) Confirm the sFlow configuration status on the specified interface using the show sFlow interface command.
    Following is a sample output of the show sFlow interface command.
    device# show sflow interface tenGigabitEtherent 1/0/24
    sFlow info for interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/24
    Port based sflow services are:         disabled
    Flow based sflow services are:         enabled
    Configured sampling rate:              0 pkts
    Actual sampling rate:                  0 pkts
    Counter polling interval:              0 secs
    Samples received from hardware:        61
    Port backoffThreshold :                0
    Counter samples collected :            0