Configuring PE

  1. To enable CFM for VPLS, enter the following command.
    device(config)# protocol cfm 
  2. Create a maintenance domain with a specified name and level.
    device(config-cfm)# domain-name md1 id 1 level 7
    device (config-cfm-md-md1)#
  3. Create a maintenance association for the VPLS service.
    device (config-cfm-md-md1)# ma ma1 id 5 bridge-domain 20 priority 7
    device (config-cfm-md-ma-ma1)#
  4. Create an MEP for the VPLS service.
    device(config-cfm-md-ma-ma1)# mep 101 down vlan 100 ethernet 1/2


    Follow the same steps to configure PE2 and PE3, to complete the configuration shown in Figure 2. All CFM configuration is same in PE2 and PE3 except the mep-id, which is configured with a different values on PE2 and PE3.