Configuring an sFlow policy map and binding it to an interface

Perform the following steps to configure an sFlow policy map and bind it to an interface.

  1. Enter the configure terminal command to change to global configuration mode.
    switch# configure terminal
  2. Create a standard MAC access control list (ACL).
    switch# mac access-list standard acl1
    switch(conf-macl-std)# permit any
  3. Create a class map and attach the ACL to the class map.
    switch(conf-macl-std)# class-map class1
    switch(config-classmap)# match access-group acl1
  4. Create a policy map and attach the class map to the policy map.
    switch(config-classmap)# policy-map policy1
    switch(config-policymap)# class class1
  5. Add an sFlow profile name by using the command.

    This example assigns the profile name ""

  6. Bind the policy map to an interface.