show cfm connectivity

Use the show cfm connectivity command to display the Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) configuration.

The following commands display the received port status tlv state at RMEP.

device# show cfm connectivity 
Domain: md1 
Index: 1 
Level: 7 
  Maintenance association: ma5 
  MA Index: 5 
  CCM interval: 100 ms 
  Bridge-Domain ID: 50 
  Priority: 7 
  MAID Format: Short 
    MEP Id: 1 
    MEP Port: Eth 1/9 
      RMEP  MAC             VLAN/PEER         INNER-VLAN    PORT      STATE    
      ====  ===             =========         ==========    ====      =====    
      2     609c.9f5e.4809           --            --       OK            



For the show cfm command to generate output, you must first enable CFM in protocol configuration mode.