Feature support matrix for sFlow

Table 1. sFlow feature support
sFlow Feature Support
sFlow v5 Supported
sFlow MIB Supported

When the Data source related Table (sFlowFsTable) is retrieved, corresponding sFlowFsReceiver object will continue to return the first entry in the Collector table (sFlowRcvrTable).

ACL-based sFlow


Port-based and flow-based sFlow are supported on physical ethernet ports only.

sFlow support for 802.1x authentication Supported

sFlow .1x authentication support involves providing Extended User name header in the sFlow datagram.

sFlow Sampling for Null0 Interface Supported (always enabled)

Extended Gateway, Extended router, and NAT/MPLS/URL header formats

No Support for Extended Gateway. Only Raw header and Extended Switch header is supported.
sFlow data source interface Supported, but does not support front port trunks.

sFlow scanning for inbound, outbound, or both directions on a port

Inbound only
Multiple collector configuration A maximum of five IPv4 or IPv6 collectors could be configured and can be part of any of the configured VRFs.

Slot number of the interface

Agent IP address

It can be configured through CLI.

By default, active MM is used as the Agent IP address.

sFlow source IP and Port Supports configuration of source IP interface. Source IP port is not configurable.
Maximum sFlow raw packet header size

For IPV6 sFlow sample, the raw packet header size is 256 bytes. For the rest, it is 128 bytes.

sFlow datagram max size 1400 bytes
sFlow counter polling support on per-port, per-VLAN, or per-trunk or per tunnel basis

Supports per-port counter polling only.

Ability to disable sFlow counter polling Supports global and per-interface level.

All standard if_counters and Ethernet counters

AS path cleanup timer (v4: BGP communities, v5: BGP next hop router) Not supported
sFlow support on VxLAN tunnels Supported

In addition to the VxLAN tunnel related information specified in the sFlow Data source flag and Input interface index fields, VxLAN extension headers are supported for Ingress packet sampled before encapsulation and Ingress packet sampled before decapsulation.