VPLS configurations

Enter the following commands to configure VPLS peers from PE 2 to PE3.

  1. From the configuration mode, configure virtual ethernet interface in trunk mode using the switchport mode command.
    device(config)# interface ethernet 1/1
    device(conf-if-eth-1/1)# no ip address
    device(conf-if-eth-1/1)# switch port mode trunk
  2. Configure a logical interface using the logical-interface command.
    device(conf-if-eth-1/1)# logical-interface eth 1/1.20
  3. Configure VLAN on the logical interface.
    device(conf-if-eth-lif-1/1.20)# vlan 100
  4. Turn on the interface using the no shutdown command.
    device(conf-if-eth-lif-1/1.20)# exit
    device(conf-if-eth-1/1)# no shutdown 
  5. From the global configuration mode, create a bridge domain using the bridge-domain command and configure peers.
    device(conf-if-eth-1/1)# exit
    device(config)# bridge-domain 100
    device(config-bridge-domain-100)# vc-id 20
    device(config-bridge-domain-100)# peer
    device(config-bridge-domain-100)# peer
  6. Enter no bpdu-drop-enable command to disable BPDU drop.
    device(config-bridge-domain-100)# no bpdu-drop-enable
  7. Verify the running configuration.
    device(config-bridge-domain-100)# do show run br
    bridge-domain 100 p2mp
    vc-id 20
    logical-interface ethernet 1/1.20
    pw-profile default