Configuring a scheduled Two-Way ETH-DM or Two-Way ETH-SLM

  1. Enter the global configuration mode.
    device# configure terminal
  2. Use the protocol cfm command to enter the CFM protocol configuration mode.
    device(config)# protocol cfm
  3. Use the domain-name command to configure a maintenance domain.
    device(config-cfm)# domain-name md1 id 1 level 4
  4. Use the ma-name command to configure the maintenance association (MA).
    device(config-cfm-md-md1)# ma-name ma1 id 1 vlan-id 30 priority 3
  5. Use the mep command to configure the maintenance end point (MEP).
    device(config-cfm-md-ma-ma1)# mep 1 down Ethernet 1/2 
  6. Use the remote-mep command to configure a scheduled measurement session.
    device(config-cfm-md-ma-mep-1)# remote-mep 2 test-profile 2dm_default_profile mode initiator