Sending logs Over RELP

Use the CLI logging utility enable relp to switch between using syslog or rsyslog over RELP. syslog is the default event message transmission protocol for SLX-OS.

  1. Navigate to the Global Configuration mode.
    SLX # config terminal
    SLX (config)# 
  2. Enable or disable logging over RELP.
    • Enable logging over RELP.

      SLX (config)# logging utility enable relp  
      SLX (config)#

      When logging over RELP is enabled, logging over SYSLOG is automatically disabled and all event messages are transmitted over RELP.

    • Disable logging over RELP.

      SLX (config)# no logging utility enable 
      SLX (config)# 

      When logging over RELP is disabled, logging over SYSLOG is automatically enabled and all event messages are transmitted using SYSLOG.

    • When rsyslog over is RELP is configured as secured with TLS, the certificates that are used for securing SYSLOG are used by rsyslog over RELP.

    • After turning on logging over RELP, and when you use the login credentials of the SYSLOG server, then the same credentials are used for logging over RELP.

    • RELP mode does not support syslog-server host configuration. This configuration is automatically blocked in the RELP mode. An error message is displayed.


The following example shows the complete configuration for selecting the events to be logged and then enabling logging over RELP.

SLX# show run logg
logging raslog console INFO
logging auditlog class SECURITY
logging auditlog class CONFIGURATION
logging auditlog class FIRMWARE
logging syslog-facility local LOG_LOCAL7
logging utility enable relp