Enabling flow-based sFlow

Perform the following steps, beginning in global configuration mode.



The "deny ACL" rule is not supported for flow-based sflow. Only the permit action is supported.
  1. Create an sFlow profile. Be sure to specify the sampling-rate as a power of 2.
    device(config)# sflow-profile profile1 sampling-rate 256
  2. Create a standard MAC ACL.
    device# mac access-list standard acl1
    device(conf-macl-std)# permit any
  3. Create a class map and attach the ACL to the class map.
    device(conf-macl-std)# class-map class1
    device(config-classmap)# match access-group acl1
  4. Create a policy map and attach the class map to the policy map.
    device(config-classmap)# policy-map policy1
    device(config-policymap)# class class1
  5. Use the map command to add an sFlow profile name.

    This example assigns the profile name "profile1."

    device(config-policymap-class)# map sflow profile1
  6. Switch to interface configuration mode.
  7. Bind the policy map to an interface.