Monitoring CRC errors

The following synchronizes the statistics maintained for the interface and RMON, as well as ensures proper reporting from an operational standpoint.

  1. Issue the clear counters all command in global configuration mode.
    device# clear counters all
  2. Issue the clear counters rmon command.
    device# clear counters rmon
  3. Execute the rmon collection stats command on each interface, as in the following example.
    device(config)# interface ethernet 0/1
    device(conf-if-eth-0/1)# rmon collection stats 2 owner admin
  4. Use an appropriate RMON MIB for additional monitoring.
    For example, to obtain CRC statistics on a Extreme SLX-OS platform, the following RMON MIB could be used: Object-etherStatsCRCAlignErrors, OID- .