Tunable SFP+ (T-SFP+) optics

You can specify the desired channel number in the port configuration. Software will program the corresponding wavelength into T-SFP+ EEPROM based on the configuration, when a T-SFP+ is detected. The default factory wavelength of a T-SFP+ is in Zero.

When the T-SFP+ optic module is unplugged, its current programming state is not preserved. When the optic module is re-plugged, the T-SFP+ goes to the default zero wavelength state. When a port configuration is applied, the device is programmed into the desired wavelength state.

To configure a port to the desired channel of T-SFP+, tunable-optics sfpp channel command is used to configure a port to the desired channel of T-SFP+.

device# tunable-optics sfpp channel <channel number (0-102)> 


Only Extreme recommended channel numbers are accepted. A value of 0 sets the T-SFP+ to the factory default "no wavelength" state.

The show media tunable-optic-sfpp command displays the optic wavelengths of all Extreme recommended channel numbers. The show media tunable-optic-sfpp channel command displays the corresponding optic wavelength at the specified Extreme recommended channel number.