RASLog and AuditLog infrastructure makes use of Syslog service running on the SLX device to log messages into the local file system or to remote syslog server. All external RASLog messages and all Audit logs are sent to syslog server. SLX-OS uses syslog-ng which is an open source implementation of the syslog protocol for Unix and Unix-like systems. It runs over any of the following:

A maximum of 4 syslog servers can be configured on any SLX device. These servers can have IPV4 or IPV6 address and reside in mgmt-vrf, default-vrf or user defined VRF. The logging syslog-server command enables the syslog event capturing on the syslog server. The IP address and VRF-name are configurable parameters.

Following are sample syslog events captured at the syslog server.
Jun 2 09:17:42 MMVM raslogd: [log@1588
value="AUDIT"][timestamp@1588 value="2016-06-
02T09:17:42.428106"][tz@1588 value="GMT"][msgid@1588 value="DCM-
1006"][severity@1588 value="INFO"][class@1588
value="DCMCFG"][user@1588 value="admin"][role@1588
value="admin"][ip@1588 value=""][interface@1588
value="console"][application@1588 value="cli"][swname@1588
value="SLX9540"][arg0@1588 value="database commit transaction"
desc="Event Name"][arg1@1588 value="Succeeded" desc="Command
status"][arg2@1588 value=""configure config snmp-server location
"EMIS Rack 11-1""" desc="ConfD hpath string"] BOMEvent: database
commit transaction, Status: Succeeded, User command: "configure
config snmp-server location "EMIS Rack 11-1"".
Jun 2 09:17:42 MMVM raslogd: [log@1588
value="RASLOG"][timestamp@1588 value="2016-06-
02T09:17:42.420216"][msgid@1588 value="SNMP-1005"][seqnum@1588
value="1071"][attr@1588 value=" M1 | Active | WWN
value="INFO"][swname@1588 value="MMVM"][arg0@1588
value="sysLocation" desc="Changed attribute"][arg1@1588
value="has changed from [End User Premise.] to [EMIS Rack 11-1]"
desc="String Value"] BOMSNMP configuration attribute,
sysLocation, has changed from [End User Premise.] to [EMIS Rack 11-1].

For more information on Syslog messages, refer to the Extreme SLX-OS Message Reference Guide.