System Resource Monitoring (SRM)

This helps you to take adequate actions before the system reaching fatal state. This automated information gathering helps to identify those processes which are involved in high memory usage and assist in debugging memory leakage. Based on this information, you can amend configurations to avoid pushing the resource usage over the limit. SupportSave data is also collected so that the root cause of the issue can be analyzed offline and fixed.

With the per-process memory monitoring service enabled, if the high memory usage threshold is crossed for any of the processes, an alarm message is generated. If memory usage still goes up to another threshold, a critical message is generated. Based on the information available, the resolution has to be worked out manually.

If the system memory monitoring service is enabled, SRM generates raslog to notify that the system memory usage crossed the set threshold. If the CPU utilization monitoring service is enabled, SRM generate raslog to notify that the CPU usage exceeded threshold of 90%.

This functionality is provided by the resource-monitor command.