Displaying OSPF Interface Information

To display OSPF interface information for a specified VRF, enter the following command at any CLI level.

        device# show ip ospf vrf green interface
ethernet 0/3, OSPF enabled
     IP Address, Area 1
     OSPF state DR, Pri 1, Cost 1, Options 2, Type broadcast Events 3
     Timers(sec): Transit 1, Retrans 5, Hello 10, Dead 40
     DR:  Router ID     Interface Address
     BDR: Router ID          Interface Address
     Neighbor Count = 1, Adjacent Neighbor Count= 1
     MD5 Authentication: Key None, Key-Id None, Auth-change-wait-time 300

Syntax: show ip ospf vrf vrf-name interface [ ip-addr ]

The vrf-name parameter specifies the VRF that the user wants to display OSPF interface information for.

The ip-addr parameter displays the OSPF interface information for the specified IP address.