Transit LSR specific processing

For those LDP cross-connects that can be recovered as part of LDP GR, there is no traffic loss for those application using those tunnels if and only if the GR helper (for example, a downstream neighbor) re-advertises the same label and upstream neighbor also support LDP GR procedure as well.

LDP GR preserves the LDP transit cross-connects. It minimizes the traffic loss of any application that uses an LDP tunnel as its transport mechanism from the transit LSR perspective.

LDP ECMP (transit only)

The ability to preserve the LDP ECMP transit cross-connects depends on the route information received from the RIB Manager during the recovery phase. In the case where the number of ECMP provided by the RIB Manager for a route is larger than the LDP load-sharing configuration (for example, the IP load-sharing configuration is larger than LDP load-sharing configuration), the paths are preserved as long as the route provided by the RIB Manager, before recovery time expires, contains the installed paths.