Displaying OSPF neighbor information for a VRF

To display OSPF neighbor information for a specified VRF, enter the following command at any CLI level.

        device# show ip ospf vrf green neighbor

Port  Address         Pri State      Neigh Address   Neigh ID        Ev Opt Cnt
6/3   1   FULL/BDR 	 	 	 	 	 	 6  2   0

Syntax: show ip ospf vrf vrf-name neighbor [ router-id ip-addr ] | [ num ] | [ detail ]

The vrf-name parameter specifies the VRF that the user wants to display OSPF neighbor information for.

The router-idip-addr parameter displays only the neighbor entries for the specified router.

The num parameter displays only the entry in the specified index position in the neighbor table. For example, when the user enters "1", only the first entry in the table is displayed.

The detail parameter displays detailed information about the neighbor routers.