Counter Profiles

The show hardware profile counters <counter-profile> (such as default or counter-profile-# (where # is 1 through 4; however, counter-profile-2 and counter-profile-3 are recommended for MPLS) ) command displays the details for the current active hardware profile counters. Application statistics are gathered in 8 CEs (Counter Engines). The counter-profiles determine the allocation of CEs for each counting source, where the counting sources can be Ingress InLIF (Ingress Logical Interface) or Ingress PMF(iACL) or Egress OutLIF (Egress Logical Interface) or Egress PMF(eACL).



If the profile counters are changed from default to counter-profile-# and the statistics-based encapsulations are not available, then the LSPs that need statistics will not be brought up (either due to exhaustion or due to activating a counter profile that does not support statistics).

You can check if the statistics-based encapsulations are needed by using the show run router mpls policy command to see whether "ingress-tunnel-accounting" is enabled or not to determine if statistics are enabled in MPLS. LSPs that have auto-bandwidth configured and bridge-domains that have statistics configured also need statistics-based encapsulations.

In case statistics are enabled, the LSPs and bridge-domains stay down. In the case of LSPs, the show mpls lsp {detail | extensive | name <lsp name>} command displays, "Statistics not available" in the down reason code.

Example of how to display profile counters

device# show hardware profile counters default
switch type: BR-SLX9xxx-4
                         COUNTERS profile: COUNTERS-DEFAULT
                         InLIF - HitCount: 32768
                          InL4 - HitCount: 16384
                        OutLIF - HitCount: 16384
                         OutL4 - HitCount: 0