Delete CSPF Groups


Deleting a CSPF group enables users to delete all the CSPF fate-share groups using a single command on all Extreme devices running MPLS. Users are required to confirm execution with a warning message.

In this example, group3 has already been set up as a fate-sharing CSPF group. To delete this CSPF fate-sharing group, complete the following command in router MPLS mode.

device(config-router-mpls)# no cspf-group group3

The group-name variable (in this example, "group3"), specifies the name of the fate-sharing group and can be up to 128 characters. The objects that can be specified for a fate-sharing group are interface, point-to-point link, node, and subnet. The maximum number of CSPF fate-sharing groups that can be configured on a device is 1000. To delete each configuration group individually, enter the above command with the relevant value for the group-name argument.

The user can delete all configured groups at once. Use a single no cspf-group command. This command is only available at the router-mpls level and takes no arguments.

Delete a CSPF Group Sample Configuration

device# configure 
device(config)# router mpls
device(config-router-mpls)# no cspf-group group3

At this point, all of the CSPF groups are deleted at once.