This parameter can be configured along the same lines as overflow-limit. This parameter is configurable on an auto-bandwidth template as well as an LSP. The same inheritance rules as other parameters will apply.

Suppose the underflow-limit is set to 10. If 10 consecutive samples of the LSP traffic rate are found to be lesser than the LSP bandwidth by an amount more than the threshold, a premature adjustment is triggered setting the LSP bandwidth to the maximum of these 10 consecutive samples. The sampled-rate chosen as the new bandwidth for the LSP will be the maximum of those 10 samples that triggered the underflow. Note that if adjustment-threshold is configured to use the autobw-threshold-table, the threshold from the auto-bandwidth table will be used. Unlike overflow-limit, the number of underflow counts is not reset after adjustment-interval expiry. This means that out of the 10 samples that triggered the adjustment, six may be the beginning samples of the current adjustment period while the remaining four may be the last samples of the previous adjustment period.