Displaying OSPF area information for a VRF

To display OSPF Area Information for a specified VRF, enter the following command at any level of the CLI.

        device# show ip ospf vrf green area
Indx Area            Type   Cost       SPFR       ABR   ASBR  LSA   Chksum(Hex)
1    0               normal 0          6          0     0     6     00039ba2
2    1               normal 0          6          0     2     6     0003af4b

Syntax: show ip ospf vrf vrf-name area [ area-id ] | [ ip-address ]

The vrf-name parameter specifies the VRF that the user wants to the OSPF area information for.

The area-id parameter shows information for the specified area.

The ip-address parameter displays the entry that corresponds to the IP address the user enters.