Set the Retry Time

When a signaled LSP is enabled, the ingress LER attempts to connect to the egress LER over the primary path specified in the LSPs configuration. When the connection is not successful, by default the ingress LER waits 30 seconds before attempting the connection again. The user can configure the amount of time the ingress LER waits between connection attempts.

To specify, for example, a retry time of 45 seconds, complete the following steps.

  1. Configure the device.
    device# configure 
  2. Enable the MPLS router.
    device(config)# router mpls
  3. Enable to configure policy parameters.
    device(config-router-mpls)# policy
  4. Specify LSP connect retry time in seconds. In this example, it is set to 45 seconds.
    device(config-mpls-policy)# retry-time 45


The following example shows how to set the retry time to 45 seconds.

device# configure terminal
device(config)# router mpls
device(config-router-mpls)# policy
device(config-router-mpls-policy)# retry-time 45