Adaptive Fast Reroute (FRR) and Global Revertiveness

Adaptive capabilities support to Fast Reroute (FRR) and enabling global revertiveness enables the following capabilities:

The following diagram shows an example of a primary LSP between A-B-C and backup over bypass tunnel on the path A-D-C. The primary LSP is configured without a strict path. When the interface between A-B goes down, the global revertiveness feature triggers a new LSP on the path A-E-C. The traffic is shifted to the new instance and old instance is torn down.

When the primary LSP is triggered with strict a path (A-B-C), after global revertiveness is triggered, a new instance tries the same path given in the strict path. In the diagram below, the new instance also tries to come up in the path A-B-C.

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Sample topology for global revertiveness