Displaying global revertiveness information

Use the show mpls lsp name lsp_name command to display revertive mode information. The show mpls lsp namelsp_name command displays detailed information about a specific LSP name.

device# show mpls lsp name tunnel1
LSP tunnel1, to
  From:, admin: UP, status: UP, tunnel interface(primary path): tnl0
  Times primary LSP goes up since enabled: 1
  Metric: 0, number of installed aliases: 0  Adaptive
  Maximum retries: NONE, no. of retries: 0
  Pri. path: p1, up: yes (backup), active: yes
   Setup priority: 7, hold priority: 0
   Max rate: 0 kbps, mean rate: 0 kbps, max burst: 0 bytes
Active Path attributes:
   Tunnel interface: tnl0, outbound interface: e1/3
Backup LSP: UP, out-label: 3, outbound interface: e1/3 
  Path cspf-group computation-mode: disabled
   Global revertiveness enabled with hold time 20 secs
   Revertive timer expires in 17 seconds
   FRR Forwarding State: Pri(down), Backup(active)

The output from the show mpls lsp name lsp_name command is enhanced to display the global revertiveness configuration. In this example, the global revertiveness is enabled with a hold time 20 seconds. The revertive timer is set to expire in 17 seconds. The secondary switchover timer is set to expire in 31 seconds which triggers the secondary path establishment.