Displaying OSPF route information for a VRF

To display the OSPF route information for a specified VRF, enter the following command at any level of the CLI.

        device# show ip ospf vrf green routes
OSPF Area 0x00000001 ASBR Routes 2:
      Destination     Mask            Path_Cost Type2_Cost Path_Type 	  	 1         0          Intra
      Adv_Router      Link_State      Dest_Type State      Tag       Flags 	  	 	 	 	 	Asbr      Valid      0 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 0000
      Paths Out_Port  Next_Hop        Type      State
      1     6/3   OSPF      00 00

In this example, four routes have been redistributed from BGP routes.

Syntax: show ip ospf vrf vrf-name routes [ ip-addr ]

The vrf-name parameter specifies the VRF that the user wants to display OSPF routes for.

The ip-addr parameter specifies a destination IP address. When the user uses this parameter, only the route entries for that destination are shown.