Defining a VRF routing instance

A single PE can contain one or more VRFs. Each of these VRFs must be defined separately on a PE. A PE distributes routes and route packets to other members of the same VRF but not to other VRFs. The VRF name can be any string that the user wants to define it as.

To define the VRF routing instance VPN1 on a PE, enter the following command.

config)# vrf VPN1
(config-vrf-vpn1)# exit-vrf

Syntax: [ no ] vrf vrf_name

Configures a VRF table on the device with the name vrf_name and puts the device in config-vrf mode.

The vrf_name parameter specifies a name for the VRF being created.

Syntax: [no] exit-vrf

The exit-vrf command moves the user out of the VRF configuration mode for the VRF the user is configuring.