efa policy route-map delete

Deletes a route map rule, based on the specified sequence number.


efa policy route-map delete [ --name string | --seq sequence-numbers ]


--name string
Specifies the name of the route map.
--seq sequence-numbers
Specifies a comma-separated list of the sequence numbers of the rules you want to delete, or specifies all to delete all rules.

Usage Guidelines

The command removes the route map rule from the EFA database and from the associated devices.

You can delete a specific rule of a route map by specifying the route map name and the sequence number of the rule.

You can delete all rules for the specified route map by entering --seq all.

The result of this command depends on whether the route map is bound with a BGP neighbor.
  • You cannot delete the last route map rule when the route map is bound to a BGP peer.
  • If the route map has no bindings, the command deletes the configuration on all devices associated with the route map.


This example deletes two rules with sequence numbers 5 and 10 from a route map (rmap_1) that has three rules:
  • rmap_1 seq 5 action permit
  • rmap_1 seq 10 action permit
  • rmap_1 seq 20 action permit
efa policy route-map delete –-name rmap_l –-seq 5,10

This example deletes all rules for the route map.

efa policy route-map delete –-name rmap_l –-seq all