Changes the IP address after EFA is deployed.



Usage Guidelines

IP address changes are supported in single-node deployments.

Run this command as a root user or as a user with sudo privileges.

In a TPVM deployment, run the command from /apps/bin/.

EFA is not operational while this command is running.

After the IP address is changed, either run source /etc/profile or open a new EFA session to log in.


This example shows standard output for the command.

$ sudo efa-change-ip

Updating IP in EFA
Restarting k3s service
Updating all files with new IP
Deleting EFA services: gonotification-service gofabric-service gotenant-service
goauth-service gorbac-service goinventory-service goopenstack-service 
govcenter-service gohyperv-service goraslog-service efa-api-docs gosystem-service
Waiting for EFA containers to start
Successfully updated IP in EFA