efa tenant po delete

Deletes a port channel.


efa tenant po delete [ --name name | --force | --tenant name ]


--name name
Specifies port channel name or comma-separated port channel names. For example: po1 or po1,po2,po3.
Forces the port channel deletion if the option is provided.
--tenant name
Specifies the tenant name.


This example deletes the specified port channels.
$ efa tenant po delete --name po1,po2 --tenant tenant11

PortChannel: po1 deleted successfully.

PortChannel: po2 deleted successfully.
This example deletes a port channel even when it is associated with an EPG.
$ efa tenant po delete --name po1 --tenant tenant11 --force

PortChannel Delete with force will update associated EndpointGroups and 
Networks and deletes them if there are no other ports associated to them (N/Y): y

PortChannel: po1 deleted successfully.