efa auth client

Deletes or registers OpenStack tenant clients and displays client details.


efa auth client delete [ --name tenant-name ]
efa auth client register [ --name tenant-name | --type {cli | openstack} ]
efa auth client show [ --name tenant-name ]


--name tenant-name
Specifies the name of the tenant to register.
--type client-type
Specifies the type of client you are registering.

Usage Guidelines

Use the generated key when you configure the ML2 plugin.


This example registers a tenant called RegionOne.

# efa auth client register --name RegionOne –- type OpenStack
Successfully registered client.
Attribute          Value
name               RegionOne
type               OPENSTACK
ID                 d6d7340e-7cd0-11ea-b7a6-aaa8d3cb654e