efa mgmt route delete

Deletes a virtual management route in a multi-node deployment for the Multiple Management IP Networks feature.


efa mgmt route delete [ --src mmip-vip | --to dest-cidr | --via next-hop-ip ]


--src mmip-vip
Identifies the source IP address for the route. Example: or 2000::1.
--to dest-cidr
Identifies the destination network for outbound traffic, as CIDR. Example: or 3000::/64.
--via next-hop-ip
Identifies the next-hop or gateway IP address through which access to the destination network is provided. Example: or 2000::2.


The following example deletes a virtual IPv4 route.

$ efa mgmt route delete --src --to --via 

Virtual Route deleted successfully 

The following example deletes an IPv6 virtual route.

efa mgmt route delete --src=2000::1 --via=2000::2 --to=4000::/64