efa system restore

Restores the EFA system from a backup.


efa system restore [ --backup-tar filename]


--backup-tar filename
Specifies the file name for the backup tar file.

Usage Guidelines

You can restore a backed-up database for various reasons, such as if the database becomes corrupted or you want to revert to a previous configuration. The backup process creates a backup tar file, which you specify for the restore process.

If you do not specify the --backup-tar parameter, the restore process displays the list of available backup files for you to choose from.

After the database is restored, a list of all pods is displayed, showing their status, number of restarts, and age.

Run this command as a sudo user for the base operating system.


This syntax restores the database.

efa system restore --backup-tar EFA-2020.06.08-15.52.09.tar
Backup file name:  EFA-2020.06.08-15.52.09.tar
Restore result :: Restore operation successful
--- Time Elapsed: 3m11.269648985s ---