Changes the virtual IP address (VIP) after EFA is deployed.


efa-change-vip new-vip


Specifies the new VIP for the multi-node deployment.

Usage Guidelines

VIP changes are supported in multi-node deployments.

Run this command as a root user or as a user with sudo privileges.

In a TPVM deployment, run this command from /apps/bin/.

EFA is not operational while this command is running.

After the VIP is changed, run source /etc/profile or open a new EFA session to log in.


This example shows standard output for the command.

$ sudo efa-change-vip <new vip>

Updating all files with new VIP.
Restarting services on nodes
Waiting for EFA containers to start
Updating services with new VIP
Waiting for EFA containers to start
Successfully updated VIP for the installation.