efa system settings reset

Resets system settings to default values.


efa system settings reset [ --backup-schedule time | -max-backup-files | --max-supportsave-files | --remote-server-settings settings |--periodic-device-config-backup backup ]


--backup-schedule time
The default time is scheduled for Sunday 12 AM.
The default is five backup files.
The default is five supportsave files.
--remote-server-settings settings
By specifying this flag, you set the following remote server settings to null: remote-server-ip, remote-server-username, remote-server-password, remote-server-directory and the remote-server-protocol setting to scp.
--periodic-device-config-backup backup
By specifying this flag, you turn off the backup.

Usage Guidelines

You must issue the efa system settings reset command with at least one flag. For the flags that you specify, the command resets values to their defaults.


The following command sets all the flags that you specify to their default values: --max-backup-files to 5, --max-supportsave-files to 5, --backup-schedule to 0 * * *, --remote-server-settings to null --periodic-device-config-backup to off.
efa system settings reset --max-backup-files --max-supportsave-files 
--backup-schedule --remote-server-settings --periodic-device-config-backup