efa inventory device reload

Reloads a running SLX device.


efa inventory device reload [ --ip device-ips | --fabric fabric-name | -h, --help ]


--ip device-ips
Specifies comma-separated range of device IP addresses. Example:,,
--fabric fabric-name
Specifies the name of the fabric.
-h, --help
Help for device reload.

Usage Guidelines

This operation causes the specified devices to reboot. When --fabric is specified, all devices in the fabric are reloaded. All existing sessions on the devices must be restarted.


This example reloads a device with IP address

efa inventory device reload –-ip 
Warning: This operation will cause the device(s) to reboot and requires all existing
telnet, secure telnets and SSH sessions to be restarted on the device(s). 
Warning: EFA access may be lost temporary if EFA is running on reloading device. 
Are you sure you want to reload device(s) (Y/N):