efa tenant execution


efa tenant execution delete [--days days ]
efa tenant execution show [ --limit runs | --status { failed | succeeded | all | incomplete | reconcile-failed | reconcile-succeeded } | --id id ]
efa tenant execution show-event [--device ip-addr | --execution-id uuid ]
efa tenant execution delete [ --days value ]


--days days
Deletes run entries older than the specified days (default 30).
--id id
Filter the executions based on the ID. The limit and status flags are ignored when the idflag is specified.
--device ip-addr
Filters run entries on IP address.
--limit runs
Limits the number of runs to be listed. Value "0" will list all the runs. Default is 10.
--status { failed | succeeded | all | incomplete | reconcile-failed | reconcile-succeeded }
Filters the runs based on the status. Default is all.
--execution-id uuid
Filters run entries on run UUID.

The following example returns the following information for all statuses: ID, entity, command, status, start time, end time, and user name.

$ efa tenant execution show

The following example shows the list of all event histories.

$ efa tenant execution show-event

The following example deletes run entries older than one day.

$ efa tenant execution delete --days 1