efa tenant po create

Creates a port channel for a tenant.


efa tenant po create [ --name po-name | --tenant tenant-name | --description description | --speed speed | --negotiation { active | passive | static } | --port port-info | --min-link-count num-links | --number interface_number | --lacp-timeout { long | short } | --mtu int32]


--name po-name
Specifies the port channel name.
--tenant tenant-name
Specifies the tenant name.
--description description
Describes the port channel.
--speed speed
Configures the speed for the port channel and its member ports. Valid values are 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps, and 100Gbps.
--negotiation { active | passive | static }
Configures LACP Negotiation mode for a port channel.
--port port-info
Specifies the device IP address and Ethernet port details. Example: SW1_IP[0/1],SW2_IP[0/5]
--min-link-count num-links
Specifies the least number of links that need to be operationally up to declare the port channel as operationally up. Valid values are 1 through 64. The default value is 1.
--number interface_number
Specifies the port channel interface number generated by the service.
--lacp-timeout { long | short }
Specifies the length of the timeout.
--mtu int32
MTU configuration for the port channel. Valid values are 1500 through 9216.


This example creates a dual-homed PO.
(efa:extreme)extreme@node-1:~$ efa tenant po create --tenant tenant11 --name po1 
--speed 100Gbps --negotiation active  --lacp-timeout short --port[0/12-13],[0/12-13] 
--min-link-count 2

PortChannel created successfully.
This example creates a single-homed PO.
((efa:extreme)extreme@node-1:~$ efa tenant po create --tenant "tenant11" --name "po2" 
--speed 10Gbps --negotiation static  --port[0/15] --min-link-count 1 
--description po2

PortChannel created successfully.

--- Time Elapsed: 3.894884521s ---