efa fabric execution

Displays or deletes the execution history for the fabric service.


efa fabric execution delete [ --days number-of-days ]
efa fabric execution show [ --id execution-id | --limit number-of-executions | --status { failed | succeeded | all }]
efa fabric execution show-event [ --device ip-address | --execution-id UUID ]


--days number-of-days
Deletes execution entries older than the specified number of days (default 30).
--device ip-address
Filters on the IP address.
--execution-id UUID
Filters on the execution UUID.
--id execution-id
Filters the executions based on the execution id. The --limit and --status options are ignored when the --id option is used.
--limit number-of-executions
Limits the number of executions to be listed. A value of 0 lists all the executions. The default is 10.
--status { failed | succeeded | all }
Filters the executions based on the status. The default is all.


efa fabric execution show